220601 Twinning Motion: USS and 4Fights. Motion Passed

This Branch

  1. Notes:
  1. The current industrial disputes on USS Pensions and Four Fights,
  2. That some branches have called a marking and assessment boycott as part of the dispute,
  3. That this branch is not participating in the boycott, and
  4. The need for nationwide solidarity across all branches.
  1. Believes that:
  1. To sustain the current action, branches that are not participating in the boycott must support those branches that are.
  1. Resolves to twin with Heriot-Watt UCU and support them in this boycott by:
  1. Donating £500 to the branch’s local hardship fund directly from branch funds
  2. and raise awareness amongst this branch’s members about donating to the boycotting branch’s hardship fund directly as individuals, i.e. this branch will campaign actively to encourage members donating a day’s pay directly to the boycotting branch’s hardship fund
  3. Support the branch’s campaign on social media and other communications, and
  4. Work towards mutual support and mobilisation during future ballots and campaigns.