Strike Fund

Donations to the Brunel UCU Local Strike Hardship Fund 

Brunel UCU is working on building up a local strike hardship fund, to help support our members who are taking action and who are placed in financial need as a consequence of employer deductions. This local fund is intended as a ‘top up’ to the national fighting fund, especially for our most vulnerable members on lower wages, precarious contracts and/or experiencing any form of financial hardship.

National UCU guidance on local hardship funds: ucu_branch-hardship-fund-guidance.pdf

By donating you support BUCU UCU members who wish to take action but who would struggle to do so without your help. We support each other to maximise our chances of winning, and of winning as quickly as possible. We thank those able to make a donation – no matter how small – for their display of solidarity and their message of support to our members. Your contribution makes our collective position stronger.

Please get in touch if you wish to make a donation, this will help with our auditing processes, but also because we would want to thank contributors! []