220330 Brunel UCU Ukraine Solidarity Resolution

Brunel UCU condemns the appalling Russian military invasion of Ukraine that is causing death and destruction to the people of Ukraine. We stand in solidarity with the people of Ukraine, who are fighting for survival and the right to live in peace and decide their own futures. We express our solidarity with all those affected by the conflict, and everyone raising their voices against imperialist war.

The branch notes:

This war does not happen in a vacuum. On the one hand, ‘Western’ governments, through NATO, have for years expanded their position in Central and Eastern Europe. On the other hand, Russia has sought to pursue its economic and military domination in the post-Soviet space, by eg. the annexation of Crimea, its role in suppressing the Kazakhstan protests in January this year, and the recognition of the independence of the so-called “People’s Republics” in Donetsk and Luhansk.

Irrespective of the pretexts used by Russia and the “West”, the military conflict in Ukraine is the result of the sharpening of competition, primarily focused on spheres of influence, market shares, raw materials, energy plans and transport routes. The war in Ukraine risks a dangerous broader escalation in Europe and Central Asia.

The consequences of this competition are felt far and wide through the sharp increases of the cost of energy and resulting cost of living we all experience. The high prices for fuel and the cost of living that we experience here in the UK is not only a consequence of the war in Ukraine, as the government wants us to believe. War and conflict are historically proceeded by economic recession and crises. The everyday people everywhere are the ones that not only bear the worst of the imperialist war, but also foot the bill during times of peace.

The branch believes:

As a trade union and as working people, we unequivocally side with the Ukrainian people. At the same time we cannot afford to side with any of the imperialist powers that are behind and who profit from this war. We know well enough what the cost of ‘democracy promotion’ is, what NATO and the ‘West’ leave behind in their invasions from the Balkans to Iraq and Afghanistan. Similarly, we note the war and devastation that the Russian invasion and ‘interventions’ bring, from Syria to Kazakhstan and now in Ukraine. We:

  1. Condemn in strongest terms possible the Russian invasion.
  2. Oppose the British government’s restrictions on the right to safety by refugees from Ukraine, as from anywhere else. The British government must show its solidarity in practice to the Ukrainian people and lift all restrictions.
  3. Stand up against war, militarism, and imperialism in all its expressions, whether NATO or CSTO.
  4. Call upon our own government to stop feeding the conflict and instead promote a diplomatic and peaceful solution.
  5. Unite our voices with Ukrainians and Russians who are suffering as a result of this war. Workers in Ukraine and Russia have nothing to gain from this war.

In addition to the actions that have already been taken by national UCU, the Brunel UCU resolves to:

  1. Publicise this statement of support and try to gather more branches, Unions at our university, and student groups to support it. Send it for publication to Brunel-run newspaper, the Hillington Herald. Send this statement to UCU London Region for adoption/support and to the annual UCU congress. The proposed actions will be undertaken by the Brunel UCU Action Committee. Membership of the AC will be open to all UCU members, from whom we’ll ask for volunteers during the EGM. The action committee will report the results of their actions in the next UCU branch meeting.
  2. Participate in protests and actions of solidarity organised with a similar framework, e.g. by the Stop The War coalition.
  3. Encourage members to contribute to Scholars At Risk fund, The Ukraine Solidarity Campaign, and to other humanitarian organisations that are accepting donations:  https://reliefweb.int/report/ukraine/ukraine-emergency-resources-refugees