Strike Resources

1 FAQ Info for students on mandate for action

Info for students on mandate for action | Brunel UCU

2 UCU HQ Out of Office (Strike and Action Short of Strike)

UCU – Out of office messages

3 BUCU Branch Out of Office (Strike)

I am not able to check email today as members of Brunel UCU are taking industrial action, along with members at 150 other universities, due to the urgent need to press for fair pay, manageable workloads, secure contracts and equality at work. The real-terms pay of HE staff has fallen by an estimated 25% since 2009. Members of Brunel UCU will be on strike on the following days – please do not email on these days as I will not be able to respond to emails sent to me on strike days on my return.

If you would like more information about the dispute, please go to UCU – FAQs. If you are a student, please visit our Info for students on mandate for action | Brunel UCU and contact to find out what steps the University is taking to avoid a dispute, we are urgently looking for meaningful negotiations so that we can all return to work. You can also contact the Students’ Union for independent advice and support: Home (

4 BUCU Branch PPT slide for talking through the action with students 


5 UCU HQ Strike FAQs

6 BUCU Strike Calendar

Monday 25th September 2023

Tuesday 26th September 2023

Wednesday 27th September 2023

Thursday 28th September 2023

Friday 29th September 2023

7 Physical Pickets

27th Wednesday Physical Picket Location: 1.00pm-3.00pm, EGW Entrance.

8 Virtual Pickets

Link in member inboxes:

Monday 25th September 2023 09:00-10:00

Tuesday 26th September 2023 09:00-10:00

Thursday 28th September 2023 09:00-10:00

Friday 29th September 2023 09:00-10:00

9 Teach Outs

Tuesday 25 September, 10am to 12pm online

Register to participate here: 

Title: Organising the Sep 2023 Four Fights Strikes through the lens of an Occupational Therapy Model: a Facilitated Discussion

Facilitator Profile: Jou Yin Teoh is a Senior Lecturer and Department UCU Representative for Health Sciences. She is also Chair of the Royal College of Occupational Therapists Learning and Development Board and a 2022-23 Council of Deans of Health Fellow.

Wednesday 26 September, 1pm ESWG Picket Line

Title: Striking and Collective Organising as Transformative Occupations

Speaker Profile: Mike Griffin is a highly specialist occupational therapist in palliative care. He is also a shop steward and member of the national British Association of Occupational Therapists (Royal College of Occupational Therapists) / UNISON Panel.

Thursday 27 September, 3pm to 5pm online

Register to participate here: 

Title: Challenging Coloniality in Occupational Therapy Theory and Practice

Speaker Profile: Michael Iwama is a Professor at Duke University, USA and was formerly Dean of the School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences at MGH Institute of Health Professions. He has held academic appointments in seven (7) universities in four (4) countries and is internationally renowned for his work developing the Kawa Model.

10 Emails and Outlook forwarding

Please set up auto forwarding during the strike days if your usual mode of communication for Brunel UCU is your work email. This means you will receive any updates from us without having to access your work email account.

11 Informing the University about your strike action

Members are under no obligation to inform HR, or indeed any other member of staff, about their intentions to undertake strike action if you are going to be on strike. If a manager asks, you can politely decline to answer that question in advance of taking part in any forthcoming action.

Members also do not need to notify the Director of HR, or anyone else, immediately after every day of strike action if strike days are consecutive. Our first day of strike action is on Monday 25th September. After that period of strike action, if full time, your next day of work would be Monday 2nd October. That’s the day to confirm that you have taken part in action, once you have been asked to notify. If you work part-time, then you would notify, if asked, the next day that you are scheduled to work after this period of strike action.

See the relevant UCU Strike FAQ here:

12 UCU Picketing guidance

What is the law on picketing?